"Legends of Hash was started way back in early 2000’s in Amsterdam during the Cannabis cup put on by High Times. I was sitting over at Skunkman Sam’s house and we were discussing how cool it would be to have a special dinner for hashish aficionados. We could hand pick the top hash lovers who showed up at the cup ( almost like putting everyone into giant bubblebags and filtering everyone out but the 90u people 😊 ). Eventually Rob Clarke and Michael Ritch got involved. The first one really was just something we put together for ourselves more than anyone. The dinner was at the Lebanese Restaurant THE ARTIST. This place was owned by Simone a good friend of both Sam and Rob’s. He was very cool and would let us puff in the restaurant during business hours. So, we chose that place to throw Legends of hash I. 50 tickets were created, and because Michael was very connected into the underground a lot of incredible old school hash smugglers showed up. This created the NO CAMERA NO PHONE policy, as some (of the smugglers) were wanted. I took about 40 of the remaining tickets and would ask people to show me the hash they planned on showing up with.

It was just about having great hash and loving hash, that would end up getting you your ticket. I loved this because it didn’t matter who you were, what company you were with or not with. The truth came from the PURITY and QUALITY of the hashish that you showed up with. Eventually Syd would get invited with his hubbly bubbly collection from Afghanistan and one of the pipes would get used. This all happened very organically and naturally but We would line up to the hubbly bubbly while Sam was dumping his pure 99.9999% head ratio Dry sift into the bowl with characters like Hashbean lighting it up and creating a giant foot and half plus long flame coming out of the bowl. This became one of the special memories for people who would come to Legends. Hitting the 100 plus year old afghani hubby bubbly. The entire price of the ticket would go into the party itself and any leftovers we would donate to the cannabis college in Amsterdam owned by Eddy . The night consisted of a dinner and incredible hash smoking. We asked people not to promote themselves to much over the course of the evening either, as it was the ONE night we could gather and hang and enjoy one another without the endless promotions. Pulling a camera out was an automatic removal from party. (no one ever did this thank goodness ) Eventually Legends would expand to Vancouver, and Barcelona but in Amsterdam we threw at least 10 of them maybe more."